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Our Products

Anatase Products manufacturers and distributes aerospace hardware.  Bolts, pins, screws, eyebolts and various machined parts are made to AN, MS, NAS, and NA standards.  Product is also manufactured to a variety of OEM standards. 

Manufacturing capabilities:  

Diameters range from #6 to 1.5” Lengths up to 20”s +

Head Styles Include, but are not limited to:

12 Point Internal Wrenching
Socket Head Hex, Flat, Dimple Head
Fillister Flush Head – 82 and 100 degree
Pan Head Spline Drives

Common materials:  

Alloy Steel: 8740, 4130, 4140, 4340, H-11 Titanium: 6-4 Alloy, CP
Stainless & Hi Temp Alloys: A286, 17-4PH, 13-8MO, 15-5PH Inconel 718, Waspalloy, MP35, 300 Series & 400 Series


The following are examples of products we inventory and manufacture.  This list is intended to be a guide, and is not a complete listing of all the items supplied or manufactured by our factory.   

AN 3-20 Hex Bolts AN21-37 Clevis Bolts
AN173-186 Hex Bolts AN42-49 Eye Bolts

AN 6 digit fasteners-12 Pt, Hex, Socket, Slotted Fillisters and more. 

MS 4 digit fasteners-12 Pt., Hex Head, Shouldered Hex Studs, Pins-All Material Types  

MS16208 MS20073 & MS20074  
MS20392 Pins MS20004-20020 Internal Wrenching
MS21250 –12 Pt Bolts MS27039

MS 6 digit fasteners manufactured for most head styles and materials.

NA & NAS Types

NA Metric Bolts NA0152 Eye Bolts
NAS43 Sleeve Spacers NAS 144-158 Internal Wrenching
NAS333-340 Screws NAS464- Hex Bolts
NAS563-572 Bolts NAS624-363 12 Pt Bolts  
NAS653-658 Titanium Bolts NAS673-678 Titanium Bolt
NAS1003-1020 Bolts NAS 1100 Screws
NAS1101 Screws NAS1102 Screws  
NAS1103-1120 Bolts NAS1121-1128 Screws
NAS1131-1138 Screws NAS1141-1148 Screws
NAS1151-1158 Screws NAS1160 Shoulder Bolts
NAS1161-1168 Screws NAS1202-1210 Screws
NAS1223-1233 Bolts NAS1261-1265 Bolts
NAS1271-1278 Bolts NAS1297 Bolts
NAS1303-1320 Bolts NAS1402-1406 Screws
NAS1578 Screws NAS1801 Screws
NAS1802 Screws NAS1953-1970 Bolts
NAS1992-2000 Screws NAS2813-2830 Bolts
NAS3103-3110 U Bolts NAS3203-3210 J Bolts  
NAS6203-6220 Bolts NAS6303-6320 Bolts  
NAS6403-6420 Bolts NAS6603-6618 Bolts
NAS6703-6720 Bolts NAS6803-6820 Bolts


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